Enkindling the fire of faith

IGNITE is our new contemporary young adult’s group in the parish, for those aged between 18 and 35. We meet once a month to explore and delve deeper into  understanding our Catholic faith especially in relation to modern society. Each month, we have prominent members within the faith joining us as guest speakers to share their knowledge and understanding of the Church’s teachings on subjects that directly relate to young adults.

The primary aim of Ignite is to “enkindle the fire of faith” within the youth of our parish. We gain a deeper knowledge of what the Church is about by basing the monthly meetings around theological principles and philosophy of the Catholic church. This leads us to be more Christlike in everything that we do and becoming evangelical people spreading the word of God. In addition, Ignite aims to improve community growth by not only bringing together the youth of our parish but also Catholic youth from the surrounding areas and promoting youth involvement in the everyday works of the Church.



Ignite meetings are held every third Sunday of each month at St Mark’s staffroom from 7.15pm to 9:00pm. First we get to know each other over some light snacks, and then our guest speaker provides us with insights on our Catholic faith and lead us in an active &  lively discussion on selected topic for the day. The floor is then opened for any questions that we would like to tackle in order to gain a greater understanding of our own faith. All questions are welcome, we are all on this journey of faith together so your questions may provide an answer for other Ignite participants. Each meeting concludes with a final prayer.

Schedule of Events

Date: 22nd October 2017

Topic: Sharing Truth with Love

Guest Speaker: Qwayne Guevara

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